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While I have always enjoyed writing, I have placed pressure on myself to produce in a way to get a response in return (likes, shares, comments, verbalizations from peers, etc).  Usually this pressure results in freezing my writing efforts  because I worry that I do not have a solid focus or direction. I start treating it like a private enterprise where I must be the best with some form of profit as the goal. This typically disgusts me, so I give up. I have written in a just a few journals in my lifetime, some handwritten, some app journals. But I never stayed consistent with them. That was until (and let’s see if this lasts….I think I can!) I found I love this site! It isn’t complicated, and it has somehow motivated me to write 750 words every day for the past 30 days.  I try to type first thing in the morning, as that is the premise of the site, based upon the morning pages concepts birthed from The Artist’s Way by Julia Cameron. However, on some days I type later. I basically spill my soul, random thoughts, worries, joys, and mostly confusion into what I write. I love this because it is private and doesn’t have the component of pressure associated with it. I don’t have to care about redundancy, using too many clichés, run-on sentences, fragments, or how others may perceive my feelings/thoughts/incidents. I can be authentic, yet I still feel like that the site is my non-judgmental audience. Sometimes I even address the website itself while writing/typing. That’s the other thing, I prefer typing to handwriting. For one, physically writing has become physically painful for my hands, which is embarrassing to admit, but it’s true. I also feel like I better express myself while typing, so there’s that.

This site is free for 30 days, and then it is $5 a month. Yes, that kinda sux, but I feel that is a small amount to pay for the therapeutic value it provides me. The site also has some helpful features in which you can choose to participate. There are monthly challenges to write every day where you can set rewards and consequences for doing so or not doing so. You can also earn badges for writing  a certain amount of days in a row. Another feature analyzes what you write everyday. It provides quantitative data about your typing speed and number of distractions. It also analyzes your feelings, concerns, mindset, time orientation, primary sense, perspective, and tracks your frequently used words. Yes, you must take this with a grain of salt because it is automated, but I think it is a pretty interesting way of providing feedback.

I truly hope to continue writing on because it provides an outlet for writing, and it helps to get the day started because I am able to get everything (or most things) out of my brain. I am always appreciative when people provide various ways of motivating myself to do practically anything, so I hope this helps someone else out there!