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So I have had a spaghetti squash sitting on my counter for about…oh…well awhile.  It’s pretty hardy, so it hasn’t gone bad.  What have I been waiting for?  Well, I’ve basically been pretty lazy to bake it for an hour.  Last night, I finally decided to look up a good spaghetti squash recipe.  Pinterest and Nom Nom Paleo saved the day!  I found a way to just stick it in the microwave and VOILA!  It is ready for me in 10 minutes 🙂

Right – One half untouched after microwaving
Middle – Partially scraped
Left – The final product!

This was seriously the easiest thing I could have done.  All I had to do was cut it in half, brush some oil on it, add salt and pepper, and microwave it for 8-12 minutes!  Scraping it out took a little extra time for me (it was my first time…yes, I’m a spaghetti squash virgin), but it was fun!  It’s amazing how it all comes out in these beautiful yellow strands!  I was able to put it all into a tupperware.  I added some more salt, pepper, and red pepper flakes for seasoning.  I had a little taste, and it was great!  I especially loved the texture.

Ready to eat!

I’m SO excited to have this during the week!!  Easy, healthy, and delicious 🙂



Whoops!  I know I have been a little MIA, so please do forgive me!  I’m in my last week of Whole30!  Time really has flown, but I’m excited for this post because it shows all the goodies I have been making!  As I mentioned in my last update, I wanted to try some new recipes to spice up my menu.  Sometimes it’s hard to find recipes where I can remove the butter, cheese, a soy product, dressings, or sugar, and be left with something tasty.  So where do I find recipes?  So far, I have used the following sources for finding new recipes:

1. Pinterest – If you haven’t used Pinterest, it’s time to join in on the fun 🙂  There are so many great ideas for recipes, home decoration, organization, jewelry, crafts, you name it!  It’s so fun and visual.  And of course, Pinterest has an iPhone app which I definitely use about 5 minutes before I fall asleep…which leads to an additional 30 minutes of being awake.  I have a board for Whole30 Recipes on Pinterest.  This week I’m planning to make these avocados with eggs in the middle from one of my pins:

2. It Starts with Food – This is the original Whole30 plan written by Dallas and Melissa Hartwig, outlining the reasons for living Whole30 lifestyle, and what you should do after 30 days.  It also has cool recipes in the back of the book!  While I haven’t made any recipes directly from the book, I have borrowed ingredients and made my own.  It does a great job explaining how to cook meats.  I grew up in a vegetarian household, so this was very helpful for me!  I made the Citrus Chicken recipe this past weekend:

3. Well Fed – This is another great book by Melissa Joulwan.  This is pretty much a straight-up recipe book.  I have made the olive oil mayo and roasted cumin carrots recipes which were both amazingly delicious!  I had no idea mayo could be made at home so simply!  I also didn’t realize the delicious flavor that cumin and cinnamon can bring out from roasted carrots 🙂  This book is really great, and it has beautiful pictures!  I made these roasted cumin carrots a couple weeks ago (yes, I used purple carrots).  This past weekend I made some more Olive Oil Mayo (it tastes like real mayo!), Cauliflower Rice Pilaf, and Nori Chips!

4.  Nom Nom Paleo app:  This is both a blog and an app!  I had “liked” them on Facebook, and saw that they had an app with lots of recipes.  It was $4.99 (I typically try not to spend too much money on apps), however, it had rave reviews!  I figured if I were to spend less than $5 on a recipe book, I would be getting a deal, so therefore I bought this app 🙂  I recently bought this, so I haven’t made anything yet, however, I can tell that it’s a winner.  It has great step-by-step instructions (with pictures!!) from making simple concoctions like bone broth to more more involved recipes like Stir-Fried Kelp Noodles.  It also has cool features including a shopping list where you can add ingredients directly from recipes and some Paleo 101 for those new to the lifestyle.  Also, the great thing about an app is that there are eventually updates!  So I’m hoping that more recipes and features will be added. After I got the app, I checked out the blog which also has great recipes (you can also read the blog directly from the app!).

5.  Whole30 / Paleo Blogs:  I have been enjoying reading other blogs from like-minded folks.  Oftentimes, they also have great recipes!  Some of the blogs I have been following are: Civilized Caveman Cooking; Smart, Sexy, Paleo; Everyday Paleo; and Mark’s Daily Apple.  This week, I’m planning to use my new slow cooker (YAY!) to make some Crock Pot Stuffed Peppers from Civilized Caveman Cooking.

So…this is how I’m venturing into a new world.  I’m 3 and a half weeks into my Whole30, and it’s been really great!  I think for my first time around, I’m doing pretty well.  However, I’m happy that I’m incorporating some more variety for this last week.  I’m looking forward to eating some of my new creations this week 🙂

I’m so excited about my first giveaway with Door to Door Organics! For the past few months, I was very intrigued by the idea of Community Supported Agriculture (CSA) which provides a way to buy local, seasonal food directly from a farmer. I was also very interested in buying organic. Typically you can sign up for a CSA which is either delivered to you or picked up at a farmer’s market. I will admit, I didn’t do a ton of research, but what I did find were ones that had an inconvenient pick-up time. I also had a hard time finding ones that delivered to me without me being there. Again, I didn’t do a ton of research. Also, you don’t get to pick what you get in the box. I think this is awesome, but also possibly wasteful. The element of surprise is really fun, and I love the idea of learning about new fruits/veggies and how to prepare them. However, I wasn’t to keen on paying for food that either I didn’t like or was a hassle to prepare.

I found out about Door to Door Organics because someone I know liked them on Facebook! Note the power of social media 😉 I checked out their page, and I was instantly interested. First of all, they offer FREE DELIVERY (I felt that deserved to be capitalized). Also, they offered many sizes and even offered delivery every other week. Seeing as it is just my husband and I, I didn’t want a ton of food (many of the CSA’s small sizes fed a family of 1-4). So I decided that I would get their smallest “bitty” mixed (fruits & veggies) box every other week to start out. They do have a bitty local box, but it doesn’t always have the variety of the mixed one. Obviously I want to use what I have and not waste it, so the mixed box worked better for me.

Another thing I love about Door to Door is that you can kind of customize your order. They “Produce Preferences” where you can list the types of produce you absolutely love and produce you don’t like at all. They definitely haven’t sent me anything I don’t like yet! I really do love this option because there is still an element of surprise, but it’s usually a good one 🙂 They also e-mail you what will be in your order a few days before delivery! Another great bonus is that they sell groceries besides fruits and veggies (cheese, dairy, meats, drinks, coffee, etc). So after they tell e-mail you your order, you can also add groceries that will also be delivered! I haven’t bought any groceries yet, but I definitely hope to at some point. When they deliver to you, they include ice packs in the box in case you won’t be home! At first, I didn’t think this could withstand some of the Chicago heat we have been experiencing. But for 2 out of the 3 deliveries we have received, the temperature was between 95 and 100 degrees. The box was left out for hours, and everything was gravy – meaning fine, not actually like gravy 😉 I took pictures of my last delivery (this was around 6:30pm after I got home on a 100 degree day):

The list of what was in my Bitty Box

My beautiful organic fruits and veggies

So onto the exciting part! Door to Door Organics is offering a giveaway of a Bitty Mixed Box (worth $26.99). If you would like to win, you have to live in the Chicago, Detroit, Kansas City, or Denver area!!! I would hate for someone to enter and not live in one of these places 🙂 Please check if they deliver to you at Door to Door Organics before you enter!  This is open to new and existing customers within their delivery area.

Want more chances to win? You will get more entries every time you do something indicated below (# of entries are indicated after each task). This will be open for a week until Thursday, July 26 at 10:00pm CST! One winner will be announced (and e-mailed) Friday morning. Remember to do #10 or you won’t find out if you won 🙂

1. Comment on this post: Tell me what you love about eating organic, how it’s helped you, or what you hope to gain from eating organic food. (+1)

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(If you already follow me or Door to Door Organics on Twitter or like them on Facebook, you still get the entry)

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Thanks everyone!

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