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As I mentioned in my previous post, the husband and I went to a delicious deli while we were in Wisconsin called Brick Street Market.  We were looking for a good lunch spot that was somewhat healthy and original.  I found Brick Street Market on Yelp, and I was instantly sold.  It boasted about their artisan cheese (clearly I wasn’t cutting the cheese this weekend, hehe), delicious sandwiches and salads, friendly service, and wonderful environment.  Plus, it’s family owned and seemed to be quite a local gem.  Off we went!

The second we walked in, we were enamored with the ambience.  Everything from the setup of the tables, the delicious looking cheese in the window, the decor, and the warm smile behind the counter made us feel at home.  Immediately, we were introduced to Laura who heads up the shop.  She had the sweetest demeanor and showed us a menu.  They also had some specials for salad, soup, and sandwich.  Additionally, they had cheese flights (so evil, yet wonderful).  Seeing as we were there for lunch, and it was only the two of us, we sadly declined.

We got their pita chips and melted cheese to start and a Greek salad which was on special to share.  While the ingredients in the salad were pretty standard for a Greek salad, there was something special about this particular one.  I think the dressing had the perfect zing to differentiate it from others.  My husband got The Dane sandwich which was served on rye slices with WI Havarti with dill cheese, fresh sliced tomatoes, and red leaf lettuce. I got their chicken salad sandwich which was on special which came on ciabatta (one of my faves!).  Both sandwiches came with pita chips and the cutest, most perfectly cut cubes of watermelon!  Needless to say, the sandwiches were amazing.  It was clear that everything was made patiently, carefully, and with love.

Pita chips and cheese

Partially eaten Greek salad

Chicken salad sandwich (look at the perfectly cubed watermelon!)

The Dane sandwich

They also sold some other delicious local goodies which included unique salsas, various sauces, jams, crackers, wines, salad dressing, and books.  We actually bought gifts from here for all our family!   I loved the setup, and they had a really cool bank vault which housed some of their wines and other gifts!

Local goodies

Neato bank vault!

Overall it was a great experience, and we ended up returning the next day!  We brought some friends and got their cheese flight.  Of course, we were all so eager to eat it that I didn’t get any pictures, but I assure you that it was divine 🙂

Overall, we had an amazing experience here, and I can’t wait to see another concert at Alpine Valley just so we can come again!  While this was a transgression from Whole30, it was completely worth it.

What types of restaurants/foods/events make it worth it for your to veer off from your diets?


Well…it’s been over two weeks since I have posted.  Life just got busy for a bit, and then I went on vacation to see 4 Phish shows in a row!  Does that sound nuts?  Well yes, it sure was 🙂  We saw 2 shows in Indianapolis and 2 shows at Alpine Valley (WI).  This was a lot of fun, but it was also a lot of driving and not much sleeping.  I had a blast hanging out with my husband and friends that we have not seen in some time, but this whole healthy living thing didn’t go to well.  I don’t think it’s the end of the world to take a break from working out and eating a little unhealthy while on vacation.  However, when you wake up and eat three chocolate chip cookies to start your day, the day proceeds to follow in a similar fashion.  (For the record, Jewel’s standard chocolate chip cookies are quite delicious!)  That, coupled with exhaustion from the heat, standing/dancing at the shows, and generally being out of my routine did not give me much self-discipline to keep to the lifestyle I have been trying to lead.  In a way, these are all excuses, but it was honestly much harder for me to stick to something when I wasn’t in my “zone”, if that makes sense.

I did bring a mix of almonds and raisins, grass-fed beef sticks, and some fruit which I did eat on car rides, etc.  However, with a group of friends, time limitations, wanting to give myself a break, and, honestly, the desire to not be too picky in front of others, I succumbed to eating a Subway sandwich, the Mac & Cheese at Noodles & Co (I know there were healthier options, but I just let it all go), sandwiches from a delicious deli (which I will blog about later), late night Taco Bell, and munching on snacks like cookies, chips, etc.  OK fine, I gave myself a break…but I really forgot how awful I would feel from eating this stuff combined with a lack of sleep and exercise!  I was dancing at the shows, but it definitely wasn’t the intense workout I’m used to from The Dailey Method.  I was having a good time with friends, but I noticed that I was more irritable.  Saturday night at Alpine Valley, I noticed that my throat was hurting a bit.  I ignored it, and of course it got worse.  So on top of it all, I got myself a cold that is still nagging at me as I type this out.

I never realized how much getting out of my standard routine would throw me off.  The second we returned home, I was back to sticking to my Whole30 lifestyle.  I have not yet gone to workout because I haven’t had the energy from being sick, but I will likely go by the weekend.  I’m trying not to beat myself up about it too much.  After all, it was vacation, and it’s not the end of the world.  In fact, I’m pretty proud of myself for getting back on track with my food choices the day I returned.  I always have a fear that if I completely fall off the wagon, I may never be able to get back on.  I am confident I will be able to, and I do still plan to do the official Whole30 program starting mid-July.

I found this graphic from this site: Double Eagle Fitness.  It gives a nice breakdown of times people fall off the wagon and the post gives 3 great reasons to get back on track!

So that’s that.  I’d love to hear if anyone has good tips for eating on vacation!  Also stay tuned for a post about a few meals we ate at Brick Street Market!

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