So as I mentioned in my last post, I intended to introduce food groups one at a time back into my eating regimen.  Well…that didn’t go to well.  I only added dairy for the first 2 days, but then on the 3rd day I went to a Chicago Air and Water Show party.  The spread of delicious food was amazing!  There were unlimited drinks and desserts galore!  I think I got a little too excited.  While the desserts were gluten free, I definitely had other foods that were not along with many other sugary delights.  For me, it was really hard to just do one food group at a time because my body just started craving more “bad stuff” once I started!  I hadn’t felt like that in over a month, and I did NOT like that feeling.

On the Whole30, I really enjoyed that I never felt bloated and flabby.  I mean, wouldn’t you??  It was a great feeling.  However, I know that it might not always be realistic.  In ISWF, they mention that it may take a few times of re-entry to understand your cravings and know how to eat without going nuts after the Whole30 is over.  So…I’m not going to beat myself up about it too much.  But, getting back into a non-Whole30 diet definitely gave me perspective!   It made me realize that I am MUCH happier when I adhere to the Whole30 guidelines (I’m not gonna lie. One thing I am holding on to is my coffee with Splenda.  So far I don’t feel many negative effects from doing so).

While I wasn’t able to isolate how I felt with each particular food group, I can tell you that eating how I used to reminded me of how not so great I used to feel.  I got more sinus headaches (which I used to get weekly), stomach pain, not as wonderful sleep, and some irritability in terms of my temperament.  None of these feelings were fun, but I am happy that I experienced them.  Why, you ask?  Well, now I know how I CAN feel if I eat good, natural, unprocessed, whole foods 🙂  I am happier and healthier.  Sounds easy, right? 😉  Now when I eat something that isn’t as healthy, I have a full understanding of the potential consequences.

The Whole9 Facebook page had a really great post the other day:

The simple absence of grains or dairy or whathaveyou in stuff you eat doesn’t make it “Paleo”. A Paleo way of life is about choosing to partake in a “nutrient-dense life”, complete with deeply nourishing food, emotionally satisfying social relationships, and genuine interaction with the natural (i.e. outside) world. Embrace the spirit of the lifestyle instead of seeking ways to work around it. Relying on a blend of dried fruit and nuts isn’t “Paleo” – it’s just overeating trail mix.

This statement reflects the thoughts my original post about doing Whole30 in the first place. I really have been trying to embrace this lifestyle concept.  However, the greatest difficulty so far is to not look/seem like a “picky” eater or inflexible.  I never was picky with what I ate.  However, finding a way of eating that truly makes me feel good, actually GREAT, makes me want to keep doing what I’m doing!  Sometimes it’s hard to explain/make someone believe that I’m declining the cake, candy, bread, etc because I really don’t want it, not because I “can’t” have it.  It’s a work in progress.  I guess the point is that I’m not trying to convince others.  If I did that all the time, I would never be happy.  Also, if change were comfortable, it wouldn’t be so hard, right?

What types of things have you changed in your life for the better or worse?