I started my journey towards healthy living back in February by regularly attending Dailey Method classes. Then I delved into altering my diet. While my goal is to be healthy overall, I knew that weight loss definitely had to be a part of that. I’m happy to report that my clothes are looser, and I generally feel more energetic and less irritable. During this time, I was occasionally weighing myself, but I was trying not to be too obsessive about it because the proof was evident: my clothes actually fit me 🙂 However, I never took exact measurements until recently.

So in an effort to track my progress, I finally took measurements and weighed myself last week on Thursday, May 24. This morning, I did the same thing, and I am hoping to continue to do so on a weekly basis. I made a new page to show my progress based upon the percentage of pounds and inches I have lost. I am happy to say that in a week, I have made some progress! Baby steps right?

Check it out: Pounds and Inches

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